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a different way to shop for photo gifts

When you create high quality, original gifts with us, you're also playing an important role in supporting the arts. Thats because 20% of our proceeds go back to the school of your choice.

Your gifts could buy art supplies for your child's teacher or even help a school in need. The choice is yours...

Messages from some of our happy users...

"Little DaVinci is the one place I keep all my son's art and family photos. It's important to me that they're a socially-conscious company that gives back. When my son's school sends his art to my Little DaVinci account, it always puts a smile on my face." - Jessica
"I thought their products wouldn't come close to Shutterfly. Well... I was wrong. So let's see here... Similar products offered at the same price... Except they directly help my son's art education along with tons of other benefits? I know where my next photobook's coming from." - Brittney
"I've personally known the Little DaVinci team since their company began. They are a great partner to our organization and are truly dedicated to helping our member schools fund art education. Because of these efforts, they were awarded the "Distinguished Business of the Year in Art Education." (Central Ohio OAEO)

- Sarah Danner, President
Ohio Art Education Association

Why Support Art Education?


Did you know that the skill most valued by communities and businesses is creativity? And it all starts with childhood art education.
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An estimated 4 million children in the U.S. don't have access to art education and the problem continues to grow.
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Buy gifts that give back. 20% of every purchase made through our store directly funds programs that enrich art education for kids.
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